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Ruth Webb cutting her 80th Birthday cake on 16th December.

Date: 7-Jan-21

Jocelyn Brain passed away Wednesday 6th January 2021. Vale Jocelyn

Date: 4-Aug-20

Phyl Eeles and Narelle Denvir 2015 Vale Phyl

Date: 17-Dec-20

Nancy Murnane, long time and loved Member passed away on 8th December 2020. Vale Nancy.

Date: 11-Dec-20

Happy Birthday, Fay. 2020.

Date: 8-Dec-20

The garbo, Neil received a gift for his service to the club, 2020.

Date: 8-Dec-20

Lorraine and Patricia present teacher, Helen with gift, 2020.

Date: 8-Dec-20

Vice President, Lorraine and Patricia present gift to Jean, our Card Dealer, 2020

Date: 8-Dec-20

Lin, Ruth, Alan and Jim, Directors 2020 with President Patricia

Date: 8-Dec-20

Most improved new player 2020, Sue Burton

Date: 8-Dec-20

Championship Teams, 2020 winners, Alan and David. The other team members were Keith and Mike.

Date: 8-Dec-20

Alan and David Championship Pairs 2020 winners.

Date: 8-Dec-20

Rosemary Deacon and Josephina Van Vugt with their Most Improved New Player Award 2019.

Date: 17-Feb-20

Janine and Janette enjoying the party.

Date: 20-Jan-20

Happy trio at Christmas Party

Date: 20-Jan-20

Barmen Mike and party without them.

Date: 20-Jan-20

Partying members.

Date: 20-Jan-20

Thank you to our volunteers.

Date: 20-Jan-20

President Bob with our newest member Yuko and Irene and Barbara.

Date: 11-Dec-19

Bubbly and Pavlova ....Winning pair at our Christmas Party!

Date: 11-Dec-19

Our Carolers at Christmas Party.

Date: 11-Dec-19

Directors, Secretary and President at Christmas Party on 7th December 2019.

Date: 11-Dec-19

Carol, Lesley, Ruth, Patricia and Jill, all dolled up for Melbourne Cup Day.

Date: 10-Nov-19

Jocelyn deciding which dessert to have on Cup Day.

Date: 10-Nov-19

Richard and Colin enjoying a chat at Cup party.

Date: 10-Nov-19

Dave and Dawn having fun on Cup Day.

Date: 10-Nov-19

Helen and Sue enjoying Melbourne Cup Lunch

Date: 10-Nov-19

Fashions in the Field Winner ..Florence McLaren with Judge Les Edis.

Date: 10-Nov-19

Melbourne Cup Party organiser ...Pat with Carol and Ruth.

Date: 10-Nov-19

President Bob King cutting Club's 28th Birthday cake with from L to R Helen Tyler, Noreen Everson and John De Raad on 10th August 2019

Date: 10-Aug-19

Celebrating Barry Hancox's 80th Birthday at Club on 11th May

Date: 12-May-19

David Brady cuts his cake at his early 80th Birthday Celebration. His birthday is 8th April.

Date: 22-Mar-19

Adele Fielding Joint Winner Most Improved 2018 (Jenny Easey absent) and Bob King newly elected President 2019

Date: 11-Feb-19

Certificate Presentation - David Rubin winner James O'Sullivan Masterpoint Achievement 2018, Alan Jones Bronze Life Master

Date: 26-Jan-19

Farewell to Joan Woodward, long standing Member of our Club, from President Bev Connell.

Date: 30-Dec-18

Eunice Poulsen, winner with her partner Carolyn Frankcom, of Ruth Olsen Novice Pairs

Date: 3-Nov-18

Carolyn Frankcom, winner with her partner Eunice Poulsen, of Ruth Olsen Novice Pairs

Date: 3-Nov-18

Australia Wide Restricted Pairs <300MPs Winners: Neil, Jocelyn, Colin & Sue

Date: 31-Oct-18

Happy Winners 2018 Graded Teams Competition: Jenny, Adele, Sandra & Robert

Date: 20-Oct-18

Dawn Quinan's 80th Birthday

Date: 8-Oct-18

Alan Jones & David Rubin Winners of 2018 Beryl Cramb Trophy

Date: 24-Sep-18

2018 Championship Team Members Gary Gibbards, Janet Fitzgerald, Bev Connell, Robert Sutton (Debbie Gibbards absent)

Date: 16-Sep-18

Jean Kennedy and Helen Tyler: Happy winners North/South Winter Pairs 2018

Date: 3-Sep-18

Farewell to Sue Morgan, Life Member, State Player, Teacher and respected member of our Club.

Date: 2-Sep-18

Life Member, Shirley Pascoe, and John Schmidt celebrating 80th Birthday.

Date: 18-Aug-18

Happy 80th Birthday Yvonne!

Date: 13-Aug-18

Debbie and Gary Gibbrds: Happy Winners East/West Winter Pairs 2018

Date: 13-Aug-18

Moreton Bribie Bridge Clubhouse

Date: 6-Jul-18

David Rubin and Keith Cohen, Winners President's Pairs 2018

Date: 1-Jul-18

Sue Morgan and Keith Cohen Mixed Pairs Champions 2018

Date: 18-Jun-18


Date: 17-Jun-18

Winning Team Bribie-Caboolture Challenge 2018,Jean, David, Alan & Keith

Date: 13-Jun-18

Birthday girls, Margaret 90 and Noreen 80.

Date: 26-Apr-18

2018 Championship Pairs, Jean Kennedy and Jim Breene

Date: 23-Mar-18

3rd March 2018, Farewell to Judy Boyd, author of "Sparkling Moments" our 25th Anniversary Booklet.

Date: 12-Mar-18

2017 Joint Winners Most Improved Players, Jennifer Borowski and Janice Jeffries

Date: 24-Feb-18

Date: 15-Dec-17

2017 Christmas Lunch

Date: 15-Dec-17

2017 Restricted Pairs Champions Mary Arthur and Pat Edis

Date: 15-Dec-17

2017 Novice Pairs Champions Annette Cameron and Lin McLaren

Date: 15-Dec-17

2017 Mixed Pair Champions Barry Hancox and Janet Fitzgerald

Date: 15-Dec-17

2017 Graded Teams Champions Robert Cowley, Carol Cowley, Alan Jones, John DeRaad

Date: 15-Dec-17

2017 Teams Champions Noreen Weyling, Paul Breene, Antony Davidson, John DeRaad

Date: 15-Dec-17

2017 M.I.T. Winner, Sandra Allen

Date: 15-Dec-17

2017 Providore, Jocelyn Brain with Noreen

Date: 15-Dec-17

Noreen presents Richard with Special Services Award at Christmas Party

Date: 15-Dec-17

2017 Championship Pairs, Ruth Webb, David Rubin (absent)

Date: 15-Dec-17

2017 Christmas Party Fay and Noreen

Date: 15-Dec-17

2017 Directors at Christmas Party, Ruth, Robert, Jim, Geraldine, Noreen, Tony

Date: 15-Dec-17

Lorraine Carr (beginners teacher) and Noreen Weyling, President 2017

Date: 15-Dec-17

Melb. Cup, 2017 - Fashions On The Field Winner - Narelle

Date: 12-Nov-17

Melbourne Cup Fashions 2017

Date: 7-Nov-17

Melbourne Cup Session Winners 2017

Date: 7-Nov-17

Sue Morgan's Class Farewell

Date: 29-Aug-17

Winners GNOT Round 1, March 2017. A Jones, J. DeRaad, S. & C Watson

Date: 20-Mar-17

President, N. Weyling, Secretary R. Webb & Treasurer L. Mclaren

Date: 28-Feb-17

Championship Pairs 2016 - Ruth Webb & Sandra Allen

Date: 28-Feb-17

Annette Cameron, one of the two Most Improved Players 2016 with President Noreen Weyling

Date: 28-Feb-17

Some of the 2017 Management Committee members

Date: 27-Feb-17